oral b triumph 5000 manual pdf

Using scissors trim the manual tags to oral the same length as oral those on the original battery.
Keep unscrewing until you can gently pull the base off the handle, exposing the charging coil.
The shorter spring (13mm excluding spacer) manual is from a Triumph model which was fitted with a 49mm long oral battery.
Replacement battery available from.Very carefully start to narrow down the width of the negative terminal solder tag by first snipping into the tag from the left.The base of the handle will start to separate off from the main handle.Re-fit the spring and its insulating spacer between the battery and motor.Careful not to cut right through!Shape the solder tags on the new battery in the same way as the tags on the original battery.Fit the battery back in its holder, making sure the solder tags go through the holes in the circuit board.This is documented in detail below along with lots of photos.The toothbrush should now charge and run correctly and the meter will be more accurate.For other toothbrush models and type numbers the battery replacement procedure is different again so please see our other guides to toothbrush battery replacement.Related manuals, do you need a help?Advertising advertising, thank you for your participation!The two plastic prongs (arrowed below) can be gently squeezed together to release the catches holding the workings of the toothbrush inside the handle casing. Bend the tags over the edge of their holes and solder them manual back on to the circuit board.
Re-fit the base to the handle and screw oral it in by standing the brush over the triangle on its charging plug and turning clockwise.
The built-in battery meter can get confused when the battery inside the toothbrush is replaced and can prematurely show the battery as empty when its not.

Gently pry out the clips from manual both sides of the screen (arrowed below) then lift it up and unhook it from the circuit board.The v2 Triumph models have mailer no screen built in but instead have coloured lights as shown on the right in the photo below.The innards of the toothbrush should start to slide out.Scissors, craft knife.g.This is a 42mm media long by 17mm diameter offset tagged battery from the shop.Video, we have also created a short video from this guide.Fully remove the inner workings of the handle from its casing.Either: warchiefs How-To, to start with, remove any brush heads from the top of the handle and stand the toothbrush, tip downwards, in hot tap water at portable about 60 emecole degrees C (140 degrees F) for 5 minutes to soften the plastic ring. You might mailer find it easier to insert the battery at an angle, getting the negative tag through its hole first.
These are available from our shop direct link.
The longer spring (20mm excluding spacer) is from a Triumph which was fitted with a 42mm long battery.

Time to get your soldering iron warmed up now!
Some Triumph v1 models are fitted with a longer 49mm battery.
This version of Oral-B triumph 5000 Manual compatible with such list of devices, as: triumph 5000, D34.565.5X, D34.545.5X, D34.545.5H, D34.535.5X powered by powered by powered by powered by triumph triumph Oral- B 5 modes with Wireless Smart Guide Oral-B 99700952_D34_WE_dd _D34_WE_dd.11.10 oral b triumph 5000 manual pdf 15:4618.11.10 15:46.