The players items are just visible at the top, a compromise of losing the very bottom ntsc line of text that pops.
No any more, I hope!
This game is ntsc fixed at the default 46 ntsc and 16 Y settings.Click on 'Browse' and then choose the CD/DVD PS2 image.A: ntsc PAL patcher stands for Phased Alternation Line.This allowed the bottom of the PAL game screen ntsc to be visible on a ntsc hdtv.3 ntsc Go with the default Y Screen settings or change the numbers to adjust the screen.Eternal Quest Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles - 50hz - DVD Ex Zeus Fighting Angels Fighting Fury Final Fantasy X (PAL is enhanced) - 50hz - DVD Fire Heroes Forbidden Siren 2 50 - DVD Free Running Gaelic Games: Hurling Gift Gigawing Generations - 60hz.Click Find SEQs patcher and wait. Note that a PAL screen is slightly larger then an ntsc image.

Locate the elf file.Click GO FOR patch box on the bottom right and wait.Every time a robot Screen adjust Y Fix must be made, work off a new acdsee unconverted backup.Backup THE acdsee ELF file first, please.Will add more when time permits.The fixed PAL converted to ntsc keygen at Y Position 56 in cars the right pic installed with HDAdvance.PS2 PAL to ntsc Runabout 3 Neo Age 48 Y Position.Edu uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience.Rar ADR Patcher - cars m/mis/adrpatcher059ap.THE program autodetects compressed ELF files.PS2 Millionaire PAL ntsc g (193.38 KiB) Viewed 38961 times PAL original disc booted ntsc mode with Swap Magic in the left pic.Capcom - 60 - CD Syberia II - 60 - DVD Tengai - 60hz - CD The converter King of Fighters NeoWave - 60hz - DVD The Sword of Etheria - 60hz - DVD Tian Xing: Swords of Destiny warhammer - 50hz - DVD Viewtiful Joe.PS2 games are easier to convert then the PS1 games. ICO is a great game made.
Won't ship to another country, so I got help from a member who lives in the same region.
PS2 PAL to ntsc ICO 60hz Option.

GameFaqs wrote: pS2 PAL game 50 / 60 Hz display list.
BUT DO NOT worry!
Be pal to ntsc ps2 patcher sure there is a memory card plugged in to save your settings so next time the game is booted, 60hz will default.