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Tips for viewing this palm guide Here are palm some helpful tips for making it easier to read and find information in this guide as you view it in Adobe Reader : To magnify the page, click the magnifying glass, move the cursor (which is now.
Writing Graffiti 2 shortcuts 671 2 The shortcut stroke is replaced by the text the character represents.
Your handheld automatically saves the task.Writing Graffiti 2 shortcuts Graffiti 2 54 manual Entering information with the onscreen keyboard Entering info from Contacts into another application Editing Selecting information.When I tap Menu in the input area, nothing happens.Tips Tricks A pointer to a users websi. 2102 Creating a currency symbol Deleting an entire category users of expenses 2142 3 Customizing the expense list Performing Calculations palm 223Keeping Your Information Private 238Using palm Categories to Organize Information Benefits of categories Adding a category 2392 Renaming a category 2402 Deleting a category 2413 Placing information.
Bring your Palm Z22 to the store to be sure that manual the battery fits.
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Step 3: Installing your software 211 2, during installation, youre asked to connect your computer to your handheld.To use Palm applications Desktop software, your desktop computer must meet these require.Copyright and manual Trademark 2005 Palm, Inc.Report abuse, libble takes abuse of its services very seriously.Before You Begin Things you must complete before imagerunner you can do users the steps described in a procedure or group of procedures.Important A step that you must follow; otherwise, you could experience an applications error or even lose information.94What information manual is synchronized?Sharp blows and delicate electronics do not mix.First check the specs on batt by taking it iut like this.Step 4: Connecting your handheld to your computer 221, switching to another desktop software application, synchronizing with a user profile Your Handheld 44Moving Around in Applications 54Entering Information on Your Handheld 55How can I users enter information on my game handheld? 308Synchronizing 312Calendar 314Memos Im having problems listing memos the way I want to see them.