patch update warcraft 3 1.26

Leaving and rejoining a lobby with full observers can cause a crash if at least one player is on a Mac.
Host leaving will not end game.Download, games, warcraft warcraft III: Frozen Throne Patch, review by editorial.Choose one of the following ways: - Use, warcraft.26 Switcher to upgrade.This is new hotfix update shortly released after.Just download the, patch file for.26a and open it patch with the, warcraft 3 patch Version Switcher.Custom Hero Survival has a desync with random ability related to legacy update code!ban command is not functioning when typed but does function from the drop down menu.100/100 cost, 20 second research, on Ancient of War, requires update Hunters Hall, no longer requires Tree of Ages Duration increased from 3 minutes to 5 minutes Druid of the Talon Base Stats Gold cost reduced from 150 to 145 Glaive Thrower Base Stats Base damage.This is the Warcraft 3 Patch.26a Download page.Warcraft 3 Version Switcher. Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne Patch.26a build update number.
Port warcraft forwarding is no longer required to host your favorite map for custom games.

In WC3 Patch.26a the hex has been fixed: It does not longer provide speed boost to heroes, if it is casted a the end of metamorphosis or chemical rage effects.Observer API outputting accurate information, custom sound files with meta data play again.Known issues, a host leaving a LAN game sometimes removes other players.Maps will now be uploaded and downloaded from the cloud.Game warcraft lobby is hosted in the cloud in closest supported data center to host.Limited color menu to selectable colors.Added region filter to custom game filter.On warcraft the Blizzard released the.Host commands!ban nameslot!unban nameslot!closeall!openall!hold name!holds name slot!swap x y!abort!kick nameslot, warfare player commands!mute nameslot!unmute nameslot, bUG fixes, desyncs with certain custom maps resolved.Specific changes crack crack AND improvements, installation now supports verification of Reforged pre-purchase or legacy keys.(Warcraft Version Switcher) - Use, warcraft.26 Patch offline upgrade file from Blizzard.Prosimy o zapoznanie si z regulaminem hack oraz polityk prywatnoci serwisu. Reverted the.25b fix, crack "Hex will no longer extend the duration of Metamorphosis.".
Warcraft.26 Patch is now officially released.
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Instantly joining a custom game after it is created will cause errors patch update warcraft 3 1.26 and prevent the game from being listed for a period of time.
For arranged forces, changing player color will change player slot in game list.
Download, here is the, warcraft 3 Patch.26a free Download.