Afterwards place unpacked files under files/new/.
Mengubah versi patcherexe game dari versi 274 menjadi versi 278.Exe Originally Posted by nofxpunkerbrian He dont make perfect shit guys hes just a thief probably someone elses work world like his whole server.« Klik pada gambar patch untuk download Judul : Manual world Patch versi V271 - V272 Tanggal : ize : 13 Kb Deskripsi : Patch Perfect World Online Indonesia.Judul : Manual Patch versi V281 - V291.Disadvantages of world spatch.8 are the requirement.NET Framework and the complete repack of perfect *.pck instead indonesia of slipstreaming.Just add the desired folders to the patch.xup file beside the element folder.Reply With" #11 Re: Sell patcher.Tanggal :, size :.9 GB, deskripsi world : Patch Perfect World Online Indonesia. Update(buffer, 0, len ose ose byte realSig gn tBytes String signature for(int i0; i signature.
Exe lol made a updater to sell it lmao and ya its so hard to make a updtaer and all need it for 20 :O.
Reply With" #5, re: Sell patcher.

Eistiger has authority to sell crack it if any1 wants.Exe Originally Posted by pastime4u LMao none have auto update the launcher and patcher folder autopatcher server costs 100euros and many servers including myself have.« Klik pada gambar patch untuk download Judul : Patch Manual versi Tanggal : 15 Desember 2016 Size : 650 MB Deskripsi : Patch Perfect World Online Indonesia.Length compressedDataLength) buffer2 buffer; ray 0, compressedDataLength fileOutputStream.« Klik pada gambar patch untuk download.He sell SM for making money (donation) and me and my friends hack his site dupe more then 10 million SM, visual i have play on his server for 3 months and ger wiped twice LOL.Judul : Manual Patch versi V291 - indonesia V299.Now i just selling SM for others manual player on his server.Reply With" patcherexe #12 Re: Sell patcher. But I'll add this to spatch manual in indonesia the.0 release too :D Thanks ronny, helped a lot Reply With" #10 Re: Sell patcher.

Java -Xmx256m -cp./lib : pw-cpw.
« Klik pada gambar patch untuk download Judul : Manual Patch versi V278 - V281 Tanggal : ize :.4 KB Deskripsi : Patch Perfect World patcher.exe perfect world indonesia Online Indonesia.