pc to psp game converter

Tested with Popsloader.71.
4.01: Works again, but no noticable improvements over.42.51.
Tested by MonkeyJamboree (and yes, a PAL release WAS made.
Most out there seem to be without the audio track info in the.cue file.Exe "c:o" Opens c:o.Tiny Slow-Downs Due To High 2-D Graphics.Loading.72 instead fixes.Update by GamerbyDesign: game Tested.52 M33-4 game works perfectly except that game you can't restart missions because it freezes.3.71 seems to be working fine.Playing in "original" size works, but stretching it in any way crops the screen at the bottom.No bug, no freeze so far.3.71 and.72: game GameID slps-01156 and slps-01724 will work.Update: Use GameID scus-94640, it's much better.By 2PSWill not work on converter PSP at all as.71 M33-3, nor on PS2 with original disc.Use.40 if this ere's no need to beat Deus quickly, you only must wait his attack wich drops his energy and yours at 50, but do not fear, that attack do not kill anybody, then wait until his energy (and maybe yours) is below.Has severe glitches and not playable.90 M33 converter - converter tested by dono Works 100 fine(including mouth animation).90m33-3 with exception of Dracula save icon glitch.Locks up.80.3.11: No battle swirl, but sleep and silence attacks don't cause game to glitch. Freezes at the part in which you must hit the switch and get to the door before it closes.
When fighting Griever if he draws from you, the game may r specific information on making this game more compatible, go game to the Final Fantasy viii page.
Tested by MonkeyJamboreeWorks fine.90 M33-3.

While playing.71 you'll get a blackscreen after sirf Lenus fight.3.52: The game will freeze when binary accessing the client character status.If you have some issues with sound gmpn- crack use.40/3.51 pops.Works perfectly(as far game as I can tell) doesn't freeze at training level.Update by GamerbyDesign: Everything works perfectly, including the voices.I acute;m using a PSP-Slim with.90 M33 and it freezes on the Flutter if you go down the second ladder and try to go up again, the game even turn off my billing console, I tried the saulcomcor acute;s eboot and making my own with.Tested.71 M33 by GamerbyDesign. After switching disks it'll start the FMV with all of the sound.
Freezes after talking with Odin.

So it would be pc to psp game converter wise to make a battle save with every turn and to avoiddirect attacks to an opponent with Leg.
3.72: Using popsloader to run.72 it seemed to freeze less than other versions, but I haven't tested it thoroughly, I only used it the last half of the game.
Tested on Firmware.40 OE-A by dvdchas.