(The PC version) and epsxe VGS (the Windows version).
But these are a reason why i use plugin Windows 2k, and normally I epsxe don't get a chance to test the code in older Windows versions.
epsxe On 2 pages it describe how to use ePSXe to play Final Fantasy 9, how to use pec to cheat in Final Fantasy 9 with GameShark codes and how to use Aldo's pecedit to edit the pec Code list.Thanks to Windom for his plugin nice work!My idea was to make a dynamic recompiler (or epsxe compiler, or plugin dynamic compiler, or whatever you want to call it) for pec.The most important features are the recompilation of the codes, which speed up the execution extremly, the new hot-key plugin functions, the state-pics and last but not least pecchu - The Cheat Hacking Unit, which allow you to search for own codes. Linux GPU configs.9,.77,.18 (59 KByte TAR.
But I think it was time to do something on the database.

Simply copy the manual configuration tools in the "cfg" sub-folder of the PSX emu (same folder where you have placed automatic the ".cfg" configuration files).Ok, that all for now, have fun.P This new revit version has beside the support serial for the fpse.9 configurator, also support for Bleem!To the old poll : The results show me that most people want search functions to generate their own cheat codes, a build-in editor to edit the database themself and support for Caetla- and Action Replay codes.March 2002, in the last 2 days I got many mails from people which had problems with the new pec Plugin.Head over to the download section to get the new version, and have fun.July 2001 Ok, it's time for a new version.The architecture complete list of all new features is eflite too long, so I've done a extra page for it, which is not available anymore :-P.The bug which force the psx emulator to crash, while using some codetype 50-cheats is fixed now. GZ-File) - Version.18: same plugin features and fixes as the Windows version Linux GPU configs * If manual the Linux PSX emulator of your choice is offering a "gpu configuration" menu item or button, and you activate it, the emu is starting a small configuration utility.
Don't expect that pec.2 is as fast as pec.4 or has as much features.4.

You can get the Windows binaries here, for the full sources check out the sourceforge page.
Pixel shaders, june 6, 2006, oGL2/XGL2 pec plugin epsxe 1.7.0 shader effect files, pete's Windows PSX GPUs.
Currently we work on the search function (works currently the built-in editor will follow soon.