Walking speed is bearable and torment your PC's take a little smarter path from place to place.
Once again, use 7-zip or your favourite planescape archive tool to copy planescape the contents of the psttweak rar file to your Planescape: Torment installation folder.Answer the questions as follows, pressing the keys indicated followed by enter.Choose your language 0 (English).Before you torment save and close the file, there are a few other things you should edit.Choose 0 to install in English.The DVD planescape version is similar to the 4 CD planescape version, hence it will require the official.1 patch as well but the GOG version doesn't.N (for no, you can read it later if you want to).When Windows asks you what you want to do, choose Install or run program.Link broken Linked to mirror Convert Torment to English by Platter (1.86 MB) If you have a non-English version of Planescape: Torment installing torment this mod will allow you to play Torment in the original English it was written.The CD1 and CD5 lines in the text file reference paths that dont actually exist, so it probably doesnt matter what you set those.Subtitled Cutscenes Optional but recommended.Works torment only for four CD US versions (as stated).We're really sorry for the inconvenience, but please would you disable your ad-blocker? Note: Not required with GhostDog's mod above.
You can further use CDex to convert WAV to MP3.

Patching If youre using the peachtree m download peachtree version of the accounting game, you can skip this step and proceed directly to User patches and mods.Just perform the following steps: move all crack ar*.bif files from the cd2-4 folders to the cache-folder edit i and set CacheSize to 1000 this change should make the game use the files without copying them first for caching.Simply download the file and run.Planescape: Torment User Interface By GhostDog.1 (17.4 MB) Requires The bigg's widescreen mod above.Then edit the i file that is in the torment directory where you installed the game.Start by popping disc 1 into crack player your PCs optical drive.The Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack Hundreds of bug manual fixes for the game.Tweaks Pack Finally, our m guide recommended installing this mod.The mod is downloaded as a 7z file.It only changes the way the Nameless One looks to the player. Audio settings and EAX Like many games from this era, Planescape: Torment supports the now defunct EAX sound system in order to deliver enhanced sound effects in-game.