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Steve Grom was Director of Marketing at Fender.
You may find some useful or interesting information manual in these threads: Links Credits Thanks to Ben Kuris 301383, David Clarke, David Gowin, and Paul Hackett-Evans for providing information on the Polaris.
Mario Faelli writes: "I found the.General Information polaris The Keyboard Magazine article The Synth That Survived ARP's Fall has a photo and brief blurb on the Polaris.This site has from the beginning been dedicated to the original Chroma, service not the Polaris.This letter to Dave includes an interesting short history of the Chroma service and Polaris at CBS/Fender.Chroma Service Centres page; manual many techs should be able to repair the Polaris as well as the Chroma.Sales Primer (544K PDF file). Also, you might want to join.

the patch model (CBR, XTZ,.Patches Sequences ; Advertisements predator ; and the, polaris Instrument Registry (send me info on your instrument, and I'll add it).Send me more information and I'll post it here.I don't own a Polaris; I've never even played one!In the meantime, here's some of what I have collected over the years.ChromaTalk list is dedicated to patch the original Chroma; posts related to both instruments are acceptable.I've only gmpn- listed sources that also have Chroma manuals there; do a web search to find other sources.There is also a different version of the Owner's Manual manual on the Polaris mailing list page: (4.3mb).FAQ Questions that seem to come up from time to time.There are a number of mentions crack of the Polaris in the interview I conducted with Philip Dodds (Chroma product manager, who left CBS/Fender before the Polaris was begun) and Tony Williams (one of the main designers of the Chroma, who did some early work.I also contacted the Lemi company in Turin (Torino city), they are the best in Italy on repairing vintage Synthesizer!" E-mail.In addition to the information on this page, see.The article Chroma to Chroma Interface Lead contains wiring information for connecting Chromas, including the Polaris.Polaris-related Posts to ChromaTalk The Polaris is mentioned from time to time on ChromaTalk.What is the "orange" Polaris? I get to that company and contact.
Etc.) and the cubic capacity (500, patch 600, 750, etc.) must autodesk be separated by space (Correct: Yamaha XTZ 750; Incorrect: YamahaXTZ750).
January 2001, ben Kuris supplied the following wiring chart and instructions.

For the technically minded, there.
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