practical rendering and computation with direct3d 11.epub

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Oddly, I didnt find information in the book about the three authors (Jason Zink, Matt Pettineo and Jack Hoxley).
Br threadingCaps; br / D3D11_feature_threading, br / threadingCaps, sizeof(threadingCaps br / if /.Compared to the previous book (3D rendering Engine Design for Virtual Globes), which was really pragmatic practical with tons of code snippets, this book about Direct3D 11 rendering epub contains less epub code snippets but has text, a lot of text.Exe is also useful to track down issues br /.Resource management is also detailed (pages 27 to 115) br / Chajdas11 Matthäus. This book covers all details a developer should know to get the most out directd of Direct3D.

Br / patch UpdateSubResourceis easy robust to use for unlock dynamic resources, but not ideal br / manual All of our playtests run with exe windows named AFR-FriendlyD3D.exe br / Disables all driver AFR synchronization workarounds br / Rather find corruption during dev then have bad perf.Load gbuffers depth br /.Instructors, all instructor resources see, exceptions ) are now available on our.Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.Br / Email: br / Blog: br / Twitter: @repi br / Battlefield 3 Frostbite 2 talks at GDC11: br / For more dice talks: br /.Because, to be used, a resource must be bound to some place in the rendering pipeline (in or out of a pipeline stage).Chajdas et al Subpixel Reconstruction Antialiasing for Deferred Shading.Tessellation (which is treated in pages 263 to 285) and multithreaded rendering are the two killer features of Direct3D.For each pixel, accumulate lighting from files visible lights br / Read from tile guitar visible light index list in groupshared memory br /.Massive lighting test scene - 1000 large point lights br / GDC 2011 version test content br /.D3D11 comes with two kind of resources: the buffers (vertex buffers, etc.) and the textures (1D, 2D, etc.).Tile-based Deferred Shading br /.Frostbite 2 br / Developed for Battlefield 3 and future dice/EA games br / Massive focus on creating simple to use powerful workflows br / Major pushes in animation, destruction, streaming, rendering, lightingand landscapes br /. Br / Richard Huddy: br / Batch batch batch!
Intersect light and tile br / Multiple variants accuracy vsperf br / Tile min max z is used as a depth bounds test br /.
Parallel Dispatch in Practice br / Still no performant drivers available for our use case br / Have waited for 2 years and still are br / Big driver codebases takes time to refactor br / IHVs vs Microsoft quagmire br / Heavy driver threads.

I feel that D3D11 multi-threaded rendering will find its place in one of my tools.
DX11 br practical rendering and computation with direct3d 11.epub / DX11 API only br / Requires a DX10 or DX11 GPUs br / Requires Vista SP1 or Windows 7 br / No Windows XP!
Groupshared uint minDepthInt; br / groupshared uint maxDepthInt; br / / - globals above, function below - br / float depth br / 0).r; br / uint depthInt asuint(depth br / minDepthInt 0xffffffff; br / maxDepthInt 0; br depthInt br depthInt br / float minGroupDepth.