Nov 25, 2017 burst I blue can't say I feel bad about.
It was blue probably a combination of expense to localize every piece of content in the game and to maintain the game with timely updates.
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You have to keep a localization team staffed at all times since the English version would always be behind the Japanese version in content and story.It's much more expensive than just putting out an RPG.It was fun but a very disappointing follow up from the original game.PSO Blue Burst remake with VR mode.I would've blue bought any console this game landed.My dreams died a long time ago.Well, there's always the English patch.People really aren't missing out.It's english almost like english comparing the masterpiece that is Diablo II to Diablo 3 Nov 24, 2017 PIkkonX said: I wish someone would ask Sega exactly WTF happened with the release of this title over here.Nov 25, 2017 vereor said: Why there isn't a western localization for this game?It would need its own community managers and such.Nov 24, 2017 MS should just get a deal to make PSO english Epsiode 1 2 from the OG Xbox backwards compatible Id be happy Compsiox Attempted to circumvent ban with alt account Banned Nov 24, 2017 Only a cinematic universe could save Sega at this.This increases the possibility of Phantasy Star V right?So giving us SEA's version as placement of the localization would be awful in every way.It was also waaaay behind on updates. Check the Drop Table for updated information!

People were very legit version hyped when this was originally announced.They probably english just didn't think blue they'd make their money back, or they weren't sure it was worth the risk.Just seal up my door.Some of my all-time favorite gaming moments were on advanced PSO and I still keep in contact with some folks I met on there.Maligna naruto said: That's why we need english a PSO remaster. Nov version 19, 2017, at least.

I can't believe I'm going to say this.
I found that PSO 2 performed great online even when connecting from pso blue burst english patch the opposite side of the world, comparing to the god awful lag fest of PSU Nov 24, 2017 Luckett_X said: Yep, any of the intense atmosphere and uniqueness from PSO1 is replaced with.