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When marvel Peter refuses Stark's offer to register, he is attacked by the.S.
13 Doctor Strange wants no part of the Act and tells Iron Man and Mister Fantastic that they are never to call on him again (the government declares Doctor Strange exempt from the Act).
Avengers Disassembled house of M and "Decimation".
Captain America's Secret Avengers and Iron Man's Avengers end up fighting in Yancey Street.Add To Wish List, collects Fantastic Four (1997) #536-537, New Avengers: Illuminati One-Shot, Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #529-531.The Punisher seeks to join Captain America's forces, pointing out that Iron Man's decision to employ infamous mass murderers as enforcers of the Act is what has motivated the vigilante to come out of hiding, although crime is at an all time low.Differences in politics have caused people to pick one side over the other, with road the split ossifying every year.Daredevil #87 leads into Civil War: Choosing civil Sides (one-shot).A b Moore, Stuart.In the game, the player gets to choose whether civil marvel to side with Pro or Anti-Registration- with Captain America, Luke Cage and Iron Fist 'locked' into Anti-Registration and Iron Man, Mister Fantastic and Songbird in Pro-Registration- which affects the story's progression, characters they interact with, and.Print Release Date, june 6 2007, digital Release Date."m Civil War Peace of Mind with Mark Millar (Part.Superhero Registration Act, ostensibly designed to have super powered individuals act under marvel civil official regulation, somewhat akin to law enforcement.The story was published late (October 2008 cover date during Secret Invasion and the same month as Marvel Zombies marvel 3, in which Man-Thing also appeared. Tom Foster continues his uncle's legacy, becoming the new Goliath.
Angry civilians attack the Human Torch outside a club.

26 In direct this story, the common Stamford incident leads to a polarising political debate that culminates with the two sides clashing in the Negative Zone Prison.Gray, keygen Justin ; Palmiotti, Jimmy (April 2007).Civil War: Front Line, Book.Michael ; Bendis, Brian Michael (February 2007).Plus: Spidey's got a new lease on life, new powers and a new costume, shell courtesy of his new best friend Tony Stark. The blast civil depowers the superhumans and reverts the Skrulls to their true state.
As Captain America is about to deliver common a final blow to Iron Man, policemen, EMTs, and firefighters common try to restrain him.