senses fail hack cs 1.6

Too many random spots to search, makes the fail game less about skill and more about luck and chance.
09:47 change THE stupid "source engine".
10:39 The main reason is the FPS.Oh and above all, movement.Another issue is the flashes, i really wish they were like.6.01:30 There's a simple answer fail for that: I don't like the game at all!Make Source engine as much like GoldSRC as possible.12:55 1 and i can add also : No blur on zoom.11:50 I refuse guerrilla-marketing not the game itself.11:13 You need some change in CS:GO.The fail animation looks like chicken-walk or hack ice skating or I don't know what was the reference but as soon as I see, I'll be depressed.So there is thing that can be done except make new game that is like.6 with updated graphics and some fresh maps. And in CS:GO the shooting technique is boring and looks always the same.
) 08:10, bigger maps fail for better movement, no knee bend for god sake, tagging so that taking senses better positions fail than other people matter for something, nerf shotgun damage or make them a bit more expensive(atleast 500) 08:20.

06:57 fix senses awp zoom(to be calm even while you are moving add train_ce to competitive gaming(remove train_se remove decoys, nerf mag7/glock perfect game 06:57, if Valve fixed the radar, deagle, huge models, tiny maps and hack op smoke I would switch over.20:42 fix rcoil, less luck, more skill 06:35, i think there are only 2 problem with cs:go hack 1- there is no penalty when you do adadadada spamming 2- weapon balance 06:53, improve movement.18:26 productive post man thx 18:03 return.6's movement 18:28 Need movement in cs:go episode Need movement in cs:go Need movement in cs:go Need movement in cs:go Need movement in cs:go Need movement in cs:go Need movement in cs:go Need movement in cs:go Need movement.I dont like.Ok reg was kinda fucked.6 but u knew wat too expect, like hs from fail behind has to be from a shot in the neck etc.16:49 we need changes, innovations, new things.18:21 cs:go shit why why its called conter strike.I so playing dm and everyone has insta hs, fail just alter makes it feel like its easy to be good at the game but hard to be amazing because of hack the inconsistencies.But now i play just some danish gathers but still i play average score every game and sometimes top.Over the course of two weeks AndroidL released three hacks.18:18 It's awesome atm but it can be better : - Put Some fps commands - Sillencer for m4 - Fix the Deagle - Make a Anti-Cheat thats 95 efficient - Put _se maps on MM - Remove Aimpunch - Work on train, it sucks.I uninstall it several times, I was hoping they do some good changes, but now i realize if they want me to enjoy this game they may have to build a total diff new GO, cause so far this GO is not GO-product.Make kits cost 200 Make all weapons in general less accurate while moving.For more information, go here.Make the spray less random, and more skillful. Now, the tables have turned.