Interconnecting the NI 5670/5671/5672, modules. .
You can install PXI guide modules in any PXI slot.
Right-click NI PXI-5610 and select Properties.
To rename the NI 5650/5651/5652 manual hardware modules, complete steps 1 through.Frequency Area manual The current frequency setting is shown in this portion of the display.National Instruments Corporation generators 15 NI RF Signal Generators Getting Started Gui.Click hardware Start to begin signal generation. Note Refer to Appendix C: Troubleshooting if either active LED does not illuminate or if the NI RF signal generator generators test panel generates guide an error.
Verifying System Requirements.

When this annunciator is on, frequency accuracy is degraded.The LCD screen will display data fields, annotations, kinetico key press results, softkey labels, error messages, and annunciators instruction that represent various active functions of the signal manual generator.The nominal input impedance.Chapter 1 9 26 Signal Generator Overview Front Panel.Verifying Kit.Descriptions are provided for each feature of this interface. For more information, such as.
Table 1-2 Signal Generator Hardware Options Option crack 1E1 1EA 1ED UNJ W50 Description add output step signal attenuator add high RF output power add Type-N RF output connector (20 GHz models crack only) add improved close-in phase noise add 5-year warranty Table 1-3 Option ABA CD1 0BW.
Configuring the NI 5670/5671/5672 in MAX 16, rename Both Modules 17, associate the Upconverter with the AWG Module. .