super mario advance 4 ita rom cheats

World-7, advance stage-1, need-Leaf or P-wing, just play through the level as normal and.
3 cheats Action Replay Codes,.
33 Slot mario 7 33002C34 00?
(M) 5662567c c85c488b b426b32d 5a812923, mario Quick Coins a0d14b34 1569ce5b 5ed5a8d0 a31b764d, luigi Quick Coins a0d14b34 1569ce5b 5ed5a8d0 a31b764d, mario Inf Lives d5b254a6 513f0e04.3, shortcuts and Secret Areas For Every World.44 Slot 18 33002C3F 00?57 Slot 31 33002C4C advance 00?30 Slot 4 33002C31 00?39 Slot 13 33002C3A 00?Please check back at a later advance date for more game saves to be super added.3 achievement or trophy lists super for Game Boy Advance.62 Slot 36 33002C51 00?Please check back at a later date for more achievements and trophies to be added.58 Slot 32 33002C4D 00? Home cheats Roms GameBoy Advance Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros.

41 Slot 15 33002C3C 00?Jump to rules the pipe to game the right and go dawn down you will come under the main stage you come to a place where there will be 8 gold blocks 4 of these have 1-up mushrooms go back to the pipe and go down and crouch.Quantity Digits to Accompany Item Modifier Codes (World Map) 01 - keygen Mushroom 02 - Fire Flower 03 - Leaf 04 - Frog 05 - Bear 06 - Hammer Bro 07 - Cloud 08 - P Wing 09 - Star 0A - Ancor 0B - Hammer.Mario Always Has 2C58 0062 5, luigi Always Has 2C83 0062 6, press L To Hide Behind Stuff.38 Slot 12 33002C39 00?World-1, stage-5, need-nothing, just go down the slope as normal and go through until you see the 2 piranha plants and there are 2 Floors go to the top one and go to the ramp jump there will be a red music block.54 Slot 28 33002C49 00?Mario BF F5F cheats 0006 17 game Press R TriggerDown For Cape Mario F F5F 0007 18 Tap Select For Form Change F3003F5E FF F5E F5E 0002 19 Start With 2 Of Every Power Up 83002C2 C3A C3C C3E C40 0A0A 83002C42 0B0B 83002C44 0C0C 83002C46 0D0D.Also note: These codes rules only work on Code Breaker GBA!55 Slot 29 33002C4A 00?64 Slot 38 33002C53 00?World-3, stage-5, need-P-Wing, just Fly up to the right and thats.World-8, stage-Bowsers castle, need-p-Wing, first use p-wing and go to bowsers castle at the top of the stairs go all the way to the right and jump grab the 1-up mushroom and crouch fly to where there is a gap and let go you will.Super Mario Advance 4-Super Mario Bros.Cheats By, darkSerge, Sappharad, cheat Device Used, codes made tested for Code Breaker GBA.2 version or higher! 46 Slot 20 33002C41 00?
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