We will be posting news and updates game as we continue development.
Membership warps open game to all, and are now level based.
M (December 12, direct 2010).Cosmetic shop items have now been made more affordable and some will be available to purchase from Slayer NPCs.4K functionality available with supported games, monitors and graphics chips.If you would like to be part of the direct Alpha testing be aware that we will be choosing the group based on how active you are in Orake Reborn and your level of interaction with us outside direct of the game.The game donations direct can be made via the /orake-reborn website during download or through PayPal found on the.This clears the overloaded player account lists which will improve gameplay performance, but also improve the in-game economy that was imbalanced due to exploits or purchased game advantages over the years.Some member only features have been modified slightly to allow all users to access.Ork Coins will have an increased drop rate and are now tradeable.The perfect game for every gamer.Membership in-game is now open game and free to everyone. An Alpha release will be planned within the next couple of months to open testing to a small group of players.
2 Broadband internet required for some features.

We encourage everyone to post feedback and interact with us as we move crack forward with new development.Check PC to determine graphics chip compatibility.The comments and feedback from the original player base drove our motivation to reopen the servers and continue development of the game sequel.Be on the look-out for a game new in-game storyline which is directly related to the new game!Orake Reborn.1.0 Release Notes, all accounts have been removed sidewinder and players will need to create a new account to access the game.If you had direct membership previously you will be given Member status on the discord server new players and previous players who did not have membership will not be able to purchase the exclusive play member designation.1 Performance varies based on PC hardware specifications.We will now be focusing our development efforts on the sequel which is currently being developed with a modern game engine and will be much kahuna easier for us to update and add new content.From the best casual games to a new generation of PC gaming, Windows 10 is built for the games you love.In-game bug reports will still be accepted but will be carefully reviewed to determine if a fix will be implemented.This re-release game of the original game will be hosted indefinitely and will be free to play.New cosmetics have been added as loot drops from various bosses!Note that no new content will be added to the original game. PC Gamer (December 12, 2010).

The Elder Scrolls 10th Anniversary.
The Easter event is now permanently active along with the pet token shop.
Website purchases for in-game items will the guy game pc direct no longer be available, however we will still be accepting donations to help with game hosting and maintenance.