At the same time the first ten jurors, selected by drawing lots are considered as the jurors of code the basic composition, and the last two - spare.
If a minor suspected, accused or his (her) legal representatives do not conclude an agreement with a lawyer, the person performing the pre-trial investigation, the procurator, immortal the court shall code ensure the participation of a defense counsel in the case.The person, exercising the pre-trial investigation may exclude questions immortal of the defense counsel, but he (she) is obliged to record all the questions in the protocol.Decision on the qualification of an act of the suspected.The period of proceedings in the selected case shall be calculated from the date of the registration of the application, reports of a criminal offence in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations for a new criminal offence.Participation of a defense counsel.The presiding judge shall interrupt such statements and explain to the jurors that they should not consider these circumstances in sentencing.The protocol shall be signed by the person who submitted the documents, stating his (her) statements or comments in the delivery of documents.The civil defendant shall have the right to recognize the claim or to settle amicably with the civil claimant.A request to extend the period of detention in custody or house arrest against such persons in the manner provided by this Code immortal may be sent to the court only by maintaining of it by the Procurator General of the Republic of Kazakhstan.If during the exhumation photography, video, film is used or other recording scientific and technological means are applied, the photographs, films or other media shall be attached to the protocol.No one shall be deprived of his (her) property except by court order.The competent authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan shall apply to the competent authority of a foreign state with requests (instructions, petitions) for legal assistance in the production of procedural actions that do not require the sanction of the prosecutor (court) and shall consider relevant. Article 78 as amended by the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 489-V code (shall be enforced upon expiry of ten calendar days after the day its first official publication secret dated 36-VІ (shall be enforced upon expiry of two months after the day its first.
Article 428 as amended by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 91-VI (shall be enforced upon expiry of ten calendar days after the day its first official publication) Article 429.

The sentence, decision shall be recognized as inconsistent to the router facts of the sims case, if: 1) the haynes courts findings are not supported by the evidence, considered in the hearing; 2) the court does not take into account setup the circumstances that could significantly affect the courts.Article 70 as amended by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 378-V (shall be enforced from ).The protocol sets out the procedural steps in the order in which they occurred, and the circumstances significant for the case identified in their production, as well as statements of persons, involved in the production of investigative router action.Failure of the juror to comply with the duties, as well as failure to comply with the restrictions provided for in this keygen Article shall be punishable under the law, as well as the possibility of exclusion of the juror by the presiding judge from further.Additional materials cannot be obtained by the conduct of investigative actions. Material violations of the criminal procedural law are the violations of the principles and other general provisions of this Code in the pre-trial hacks proceedings, and (or) at the judicial proceedings, which, through the deprivation or restraint of the legally guaranteed rights of the involved.
The court session secretary, officer of justice, interpreter, specialist, expert, whose participation in a criminal proceedings is not excluded by any circumstances, provided for by this Code, may be, upon their request, exempted from such participation by the body, conducting the criminal proceedings, due.
Judicial acts, italian subject to review in the appeal proceedings.

Forcibly obtaining of samples from the the secret of immortal code pdf victim, witness in the cases referred to in the second part of this article, as well as from the applicant and the person to whom the applicant points directly as a person who has committed a criminal offence, shall.
The procedure for restoration of the term for filing an appellate (private) complaint, bringing a petition of the prosecutor.