Download the codes latest version, proceed with current browser for now.
Press and release the remote power button codes on the remote and the flashing should stop, leaving you codes with a codes solid light on the device button you are programming.A newer version of your browser may be available.Hunting through all this can get aggravating.It can act as a universal remote.I remote have the durabrand du1901 and the code 991 worked for. If the unit functions correctly then press the select button to lock in warner the code.
Point the remote towards the device, then press the channel up key until the desired device turns off.
(this step actually did not do anything for me).

Time Warner Cable support page to find more detailed instructions that will work universal with your wallhack specific remote device.At this point, all the device buttons should begin to flash.They provide instructions for each controller, but card it can get confusing trying to determine which controller is yours, and reader then you need to scan through the instructions to find the correct code for each of your electronic devices.Push the power button to see if the item turns back.Program Comcast Remote Codes in 8 Simple Steps to find instructions on programming your remote to work with all entertainment devices.Press and hold setup until patch led blinks twice. Time Warner Cable codes warner vary wallhack by remote manufacturer, but most mini universal remotes require a similar procedure to program them with your various electronic devices.
You will have 3 or 4 numbers depending on your remote and device.

Press the select key, the device button will flash several times, with a brief pause between each time warner universal remote codes number.
Once you start the process, the remote will flash the code back to you quickly, so ensure you have paper and pen at hand.
If you are a Comcast or xfinity subscriber, then look at our article.