Be conservative and smooth: Smooth driving (with appropriate use of the handbrake) can help you a driver lot.
Many drivers seem to bounce off the walls and hope for the best, but over a race distance, or even over several races consistency will pay off.Since toca Race Driver, the fourth title in the series, each new game is released under different titles in different regions, such as Pro Race Driver in the US, DTM Race Driver in Germany, and V8 Supercars in Australia.White flag: The white flag indicates that the driver has commenced their last lap of the race or can mean (in certain Championships) that there is a much slower vehicle on cheats the sector of track controlled by that flag post.The challenge in this thrilling style of racing is not only master toca your vehicle, but also the environment.Class A 4WD Track Challenge Contributed by: Robert Wagner Codes cheats for 4442 Effect Effect 07UG1MV2vfdh9 Cutscenes Unlocked 3ALD841yeyt0F Honda Championship Unlocked 00282L6Q9XET0 Turbo Boost Unlocked Contributed by: alxbly Unlock Honda Championship (8867) challenge Effect Effect Unlock Honda Championship (8867) LH76ngaxu2KEA Contributed by: Larcen Tyler Codes for.It has 32 different tiers and championships.Drivers can resume to race speed.Edit The Disciplines driver toca contain a number of Championships in that Motorsport to use in Free Race and Pro Career.Unlock Honda Championship (8867) Effect Password Unlock Honda Championship (8867) LH76ngaxu2KEA Contributed By: Larcen Tyler. Honda: This Discipline features a selection of unique and challenging Championships, pitting players in a number of Different Honda cars and Vehicles.
The game features several fully licenced championships, including the Deutsche Tourenwagen MastersDTM series and V8 Supercar championship.

Cast of driver the Characters, edit, the Cast of Characters are in order of the game: Tom Cotcher Rick Irving (Voice christianne Olivieia Gina (Voice jamie Treacher Streatham (Voice).Quicks and Features, edit, the Bad: No way to switch between the Logitech Driving Force steering wheel and PS2 game controller without resetting the PS2 console.Brake slightly early into a turn, and don't defend the inside.World Tour Edit The player has to progress through different tiers of championships in this mode.Open Wheel: Perharps one of the most technically difficult disciplines, Open Wheel demands that drivers fully understand the nuances of each Track and vehicle.Honda 250 EX Challenge Honda manual TRX 250 EX 3 Honda Ariel Atom Honda Ariel Atom 3 Honda Civic 2005 Honda Civic Type R 3 Honda Civic 2006 Honda Civic 2006 3 Honda Lawnmower Racing Honda Lawnmower 1 Honda NSX Honda NSX 3 Honda S2000 Honda.Password 07UG1MV2vfdh9, cutscenes Unlocked 3ALD841yeyt0F, honda Championship Unlocked 00282L6Q9XET0, turbo Boost Unlocked, contributed By: alxbly.Classics: Bonus 1930's Vintage Grand Prix Cup Mercedes-Benz W's Vintage Grand Prix Shield Mercedes-Benz W's Grand Prix Team Lotus Type 's GT Cup Corvette L88 Sunray DX Bonus 1960's product GT Shield Corvette L88 Sunray DX Bonus 1970's GT Cup BMW E26 M1, Lancia Beta Monte.The Championships have also available cars to race.Toca Race Driver 3 Passwords If your unlocking code is 9263 go to options then bonus.The in-game names of these events are actually "Bonus.".This series is the only current racing simulator that allows PlayStation players to race on-line.Know the track: More than anywhere game else, this is important.Includes onscreen accelerator/brake gauges (handy for checking the proper working of pedals or buttons).Keep the concentration up, and check the map. Effect Password gfftfem45V92D Turbo-Boost full Jump 0exyh6P1bawd4 Unlock cutscenes 3ebjgfutm0WT4 Unlock Honda Championship Contributed By: vindog800.
Each Event Take place in a Different and circuit at the site.
To enter these simply visit Options game in the main menu full and enter the Bonus Code screen.