vw mk2 manual steering rack

Sigarettes, patience, a few choice words for getting the rack out of the car.
Then wiggle, push, pull, choice words, wiggle steering some more, more choice words to steering get the rack out towards the left front wheel.
Now screw the lock-nut and the rod ends onto the new rack.I'll run it this way for awhile and if I decide to steering go back to PS, manual I will probably use an electric pump.Now you have to centralise the new rack.I gave the new rack a few coats off manual matt black engine steering enamel.Stand back and admire your handiwork.I have no information on how to swap it in, but it is my understanding that it drops.Next, use the 22mm and 28mm ring/flat spanners to loosen the lock-nuts on the tie-rods.As for performance, I don't mind the "stock" manual steering. Now for more choice words, wiggling, etc and.

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Put them in when I done the motor swop.
For the kind vw mk2 manual steering rack of track events that I do, it's optional.