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Most of you, maybe.
Kiyo?!" (R Sat Jun 24 12:00am) -Tue Jun 20 4:30pm - Episode 55 "Penny's Counterrattack!
Basically, an excuse for lots of super-cool ninja fights.This episode marks the beginning of the Third Stage of the Chunin Exam in earnest, as the village elders pit the various subbed pre-and post-adolescent shinobi against each other in order to simulate inter-village english warfare.So if something as rightfully obscure as Teknoman can be episodes afforded a episodes DVD release, what about all the other cult-ish anime dubs currently deteriorating in their respective copyright holder's garage?(Cartoon Network) -Mon Jun 19 4:30pm - Episode 54 "Battle in the Park: Zatch.(YTV) -Sat Jun 17 4:30am - Episode 173 "Fighting for a Friend, Part 5" -Tue Jun 20 4:30am - Episode 174 "Grappling With a Guardian, Part 1" -Wed Jun 21 4:30am - Episode 175 "Grappling With a Guardian, Part 2" -Thu Jun 22 4:30am.8th Man was notable mostly for the American-animated opening, wherein the titular 8th Man fought aliens english in outer space.A calm, character-focused episode that acts as a nice stopgap before the truly gut-wrenching scenes to follow from the conclusion of Season.The objective qualities of the series itself aside, the market for such an item must be microscopic.I suppose there's some repeats left, if you're into those.Yes, it only aired some 12 episodes.A mediator, of sorts, between you and your TV and the anime programs poised to be watched.So, as I was outside and about, doing my regular having a life, away from the computer and TV thing (which I do quite frequently, actually, all the time I saw something a tad odd.Samurai 7 (Independent Film Channel) Saturday subbed June 17 10:30pm - Episode 12 "The Truth" (Repeats Sun Jun 18 1:30am, Thu Jun 22 10:30pm, Fri Jun 23 11:00am) When it is revealed that a traitor is in their midst, the various subbed samurai face an ethical dilemma.Aside from an off-the-charts nostalgia rating, Samurai Pizza Cats (acronymed to SPC by us cool kids) has the distinct subbed advantage of being objectively, seriously funny and entertaining. The long-forgotten early 90's dub of Tekkaman Blade, re-titled to Teknoman for that era's hip and happenin' children, was on DVD.

You've no doubt already done.Hearkening back to the DVD release pleading that preceded this week's installment: Toei, why aren't there any Bo-bobo DVDs yet?!?Igpx (Cartoon Network) Saturday June 17 10:30pm - Episode 18 "Puzzled" My DVR finally recorded igpx!Now, that struck me as rather odd, for a number of somewhat uncomfortable reasons I'm unable to articulate at the moment, but perhaps the most rising striking one being that nobody aside from myself and ukts maybe two other people on the internet can honestly remember watching.Much like a Dog Show, only with more Pokemon violence.One Piece (Cartoon Network) Saturday June 17 9:30pm - Episode 72 "Zero" As Luffy's crew moves closer to their inner sanctum, the Baroque Works members have a formal, civil chat regarding the Straw Hat crew, and later user discuss Oprah's Book Club selection.The producers of said zombie movie had an awfully large collection of campy, oddball, kitschy cartoons, in addition to copious amounts of illegal substances, natch.GX (Cartoon Network) -Sat Jun 17 6:30pm - Episode 20 "The Maiden in Love" Zatch manual Bell!Future DVD releasing-people, I offer you this highly-researched and incredibly, awesomely scientific keygen list: Dragon Warrior, yes, there was an anime series based upon the then-renamed Dragon Quest games.Nothing, save perhaps the public flogging of Uwe Boll, would bring me greater joy on this earth than a proper boxset owners release of this show.Unlike the various 8th Men and Teknomen, SPC has aged with grace and wit, perhaps due game to current series that attempt to emulate its success (I'm looking at you, Duel Masters) sucking so bad.Random aside: While I'm on the subject of asking anonymous DVD publishers for immense favors, could you please, Bandai, release season sets for Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex?Movies/specials Blood: The Last Vampire (Encore Action) Saturday June 17 7:30pm (Repeats Sun Jun 18 5:30am) Digimon: The Movie (Toon Disney) Thursday June 22 5:00pm If you are the sort of person that would be browsing the TV guide guide and see Blood: the Last. Pokemon Chronicles (Cartoon Network) Saturday June 17 7:00pm - Episode 4 "Deliberd's Dilemma; Snorlax Snowman" Awesome alliteration, or tepid titling?